Client Story: How Solv is Serving the Denver Community from their Novel Coworking Office Space

Client Story: How Solv is Serving the Denver Community from their Novel Coworking Office Space

As the healthcare market becomes increasingly costly for the general public, urgent care centers have become a popular alternative. Not only do they offer an on-demand patient care experience, but they’ve been reported to be 10 times more affordable compared to the emergency room. And don’t assume they only treat a handful of conditions— urgent care clinics can also help you if you fracture a leg or need stitches for a wound.

Urgent care is on the rise. Urgent care centers across the US have seen a growth rate of 8% from 2017 to 2018, and big brands like Walgreens plan on getting involved with the same-day healthcare business, further spotlighting the future of this booming healthcare trend.

But urgent care clinics are not without problems. For one, with so many options available in the wild, the search for the right clinic can be an overwhelming task. A single patient may waste precious time researching multiple clinics, calling several people, and waiting in line before finally being accepted. Thankfully, one startup aims to change that, and they work right in our very own Novel Coworking 16th Street location in Denver, Colorado.

Solv is unlike other healthcare startups— it’s not a healthcare provider, but a healthcare guide. Solv works with other providers to equip them with high-quality technology and a patient engagement platform, while assisting patients with finding excellent care without the wait. Think of them as OpenTable, only for urgent care clinics.

Solv has been working with Novel Coworking to bring its platform to the growing Denver community. Recently, Novel Coworking had the chance to interview Jess Oynick, Solv’s Head of People Operations, about the company’s unique service.


Tell us about Solv’s work. How does Solv stand out from similar healthcare companies?

At Solv, we put the consumer at the center of the healthcare experience by making it simple and easy to find great in-network doctors who can see you today or tomorrow.

By giving consumers greater access to convenient healthcare and more control over what they will pay, we deliver satisfied patients to the doctors listed on Solv and reduce healthcare costs for patients and insurers.


What sparked the decision to start Solv? What problems did you seek to solve?

Our co-founders Heather Fernandez and Daniele Farnedi spent a year researching the healthcare landscape and recognized a building wave of consumerization across the industry. Patients want and are taking more control over their experience with healthcare, and now consider convenience and cost when making healthcare decisions. Solv is creating a platform that gives consumers more control and access when seeking more convenient and cost-effective healthcare.


Tell us about the people involved at the beginning- who are they and why did they want to work for Solv?

Our founding team laid out Solv’s mission and values before the company was even incorporated. This foundation has created an environment in which Solv team members come to work everyday compelled and unified by a clear set of guiding principles. Our young and energetic team collaborate to “Solv” problems that matter in a culture that prioritizes inclusion, innovation, and a focus on doing the right thing by our teammates and our users.


Solv team holding a meeting in their office suite

What were some of the biggest challenges in building a healthcare startup?

The industry is rooted in structures and behaviors that have endured for decades, and it often takes time for meaningful change to take place. We think very long-term about the impact Solv can make on healthcare, but also focus on innovating in areas that can improve things for patients today.


What were some of the ways you approached those challenges?

We’ve worked hard to build relationships with strategic healthcare industry partners that are eager to be at the front lines of innovation in the field, and are willing and capable of teaching us a great deal as we grow too.


Can you provide a real-life example or story of how Solv has transformed access to healthcare within the Denver community?

Solv is proud to partner with clinics like Nextcare, which works daily to provide local Denver patients with quality care they can count on. We’re excited to continue our expansion across the city (and the great state of Colorado!) to ensure that more patients can understand when, where, and for how much they can access care too.


Why did Solv choose Novel Coworking 16th Street for its offices?

Novel’s location in the heart of Downtown Denver was a big part of what initially attracted us. Once we got inside, we knew the space would empower us to build a fantastic culture in our Denver hub. The great location was matched only by the attention to detail throughout the space.


How has Novel Coworking helped Solv in their mission?

Novel Coworking has been the background against which our Denver-based team has nearly tripled over the past year. We’re so grateful that Novel has been a true partner in creating an environment where we’re proud to go to work.


What is Solv’s daily routine in its Novel Coworking 16th Street office?

The Solv team works from the Novel Coworking space daily, making great use of the open layout that encourages constant collaboration. While our suite is located on the 10th floor, you can also count on seeing various Solv team members grabbing coffee or tea from the coworking kitchen on the 7th floor throughout the day.


What are some of the team’s favorite aspects/amenities?

The coffee machines are the best! We love that there is a variety of options to choose from and a beverage that works for everyone. Since we are on calls and training sessions throughout the day, we are frequent users of the phone booths on the 7th & 9th floors. We also love that you bring in food vendors!


How has Solv customized its Novel Coworking office?

  1. We have a Solv Pink wall in our suite – it motivates our team to do our best each day!
  2. We’ve added standing desk converters that allow team members to stand or sit down while they work.
  3. Instacart brings us all our favorite snacks and beverages.


How has Novel Coworking 16th Street helped to shape or transform Solv as a company?

Our partnership with Novel has alleviated the stress of finding and maintaining an office space, allowing us to focus on scaling our support and success teams to better serve our growing customer base. You’ve also helped us create a great team culture in the Denver office with your fun, inclusive environment!


Group from Solv writing tasks on post-it notes


Looking to learn more about Solv and their bold mission to transform urgent care? Visit their website to learn more.

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Client Story: Rare Oath

Client Story: Rare Oath

Novel Coworking Golden Triangle in Pittsburgh is home to a rich community of innovative entrepreneurs who help shape our story. This week’s blog post spotlights Rare Oath and their founder, Katy Ladner. Rare Oath is a woman-powered creative services business that offers branding, graphic design, and marketing services in both print and digital spaces. Whether working with boutiques or big brands, Rare Oath focuses on producing great work–that works well.


How was Rare Oath founded?

Rare Oath was founded in February 2017 with our first clients including a big brand seeking cohesive “gap” support (between its agency of record and in-house capabilities), and an industrial client in need of a complete brand makeover.


What’s in a name?

The name “Rare Oath” is based on the belief that the vitality of a brand hinges on making and keeping a unique promise to its customers. We want to help brands recognize, celebrate, and uphold their unique offerings. In turn, we make a genuine commitment to our clients and team members to produce brand-forward creative with a truly supportive and collaborative approach.


Why did you start your own business?

My background is rooted in traditional advertising agencies and design firms, which has afforded me invaluable professional experiences and lasting friendships. Along the way, I have seen a true need from clients for flexible, top-quality creative solutions. There is also a distinct and growing need for workplace flexibility in terms of where, how, and when you work.

That combined flexibility is a big part of the inspiration for Rare Oath–flexibility that achieves brand goals, while supporting team member growth and satisfaction as well.


How do you set goals for yourself?

Well, since we are a creative services business, much of our daily workflow and short term goals are dictated by clients’ schedules or media placements. For our own company goals–it’s a little tougher. We have to carve out and protect specific time slots to focus on Rare Oath so that we are able to sustain our own growth and ensure our availability for clients.


How has your office changed your workflow?

Novel Coworking has been the perfect complement for our model of flexibility. All of our Collective Energists (team members) are able to work remotely or come into our office for focused collaboration and resources as needed. I think it has been great for all of us to have a home base, but one that doesn’t require a lot of our energy to maintain.


How did you decide on an office design?

The office design came to us very naturally. We want our space to feel like our brand for both visitors and our Collective Energists. We emphasized our brand palette of yellow, navy, and white, and created a layout conducive to comfortable collaboration. We are very happy with the execution and feel it achieves the energy we hoped for.


Why do you love being a Novel Coworking member?

The availability of resources and access to locations in other cities. I think both will continue to be very helpful as we grow.


Do you have any advice for new entrepreneurs?

I would say–just try to stay open to how your path unfolds and lean into your community for support and resources. Listening, asking for help, and even offering help to others can make the very hard work of building a business a little easier and more enjoyable.


Learn more about businesses like Rare Oath by joining one of our entrepreneurial communities in a city near you. A Novel Coworking membership includes access to networking events, Lunch & Learns, and happy hours to help you grow your business. Start your success story today!

Client Story: Cultivate Advisors

Client Story: Cultivate Advisors

Company Name: Cultivate Advisors
Industry: Small Business Consulting
Year Founded: 2013
Location: Novel Coworking 16th Street, Denver

How is your business innovating and providing something new?

Unlike traditional coaching, we tailor our advisory to each client, based on their 5-year goals. We start by developing a strategic plan, and we’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves to help to help hold their business hats and build systems and processes in support of long-term growth.”

What do you like most about working for your company?

“We are changing people’s lives. It’s so rewarding to see the personal and business growth that results from a strong partnership with each client.”

What has been the biggest challenge in starting a business?

“I’ve started about a dozen businesses. The hardest part is all the work that goes into each one. The wins and losses can swing someone, but you have to keep your eye on the longer term goals by breaking them down into more manageable action items to stay on target. It’s easy to feel lonely or overwhelmed trying to manage all the business hats.”

What advice would you give someone who wants to start a business?

“Don’t start a business to be an entrepreneur. That’s just a flashy title. Find something you love, or have a real passion for and go from there. Passion trumps coolness every time. Additionally, we have free office hours, virtual training events, and toolkits on our website for anyone who is starting or already running a business. Anyone interested can contact us for more information. The toolkits can be downloaded for free at:

How does your team manage working remotely? 

“As you could imagine, helping our clients build systems and processes, we utilize a lot internally. We have teams in Denver, Chicago, Wisconsin, Vancouver, and Toronto. We use systems and processes to help our Business Advisors stay on track and drive real value for our 350+ clients.”

Client Story: ThirdPartyTrust

Client Story: ThirdPartyTrust

Company Name: ThirdPartyTrust
Industry: Cybersecurity
Year Founded: 2014
Location: Novel Coworking The Loop, Chicago

How is your business innovating and providing something new?

“Our field of cybersecurity is complicated to the untrained eye but resilient to outside threats. Security inside organizations, inherently, gets caught building on old processes with old technology. We built ThirdPartyTrust to improve an inefficient system of collecting and analyzing vendor data with a network based approach unseen in other solutions on the market.”

What do you like most about working for your company?

“What I really enjoy about working here is the team. We’re a small team effectively accomplishing the same goals and at the end of the day, it’s a great feeling to have accomplished what we set out to do. We’re able to work together cohesively and independently to get what we need done that’s best for the team and company.”

When did you first feel successful?

“We first felt successful when our first clients signed on and saw the potential of our team and software.”

What has been the key to your company’s success?

“The leadership has been pushing for simple, achievable goals. With alignment on all teams, we’re able to effectively move the company forward.”

What advice would you give to startups?

“When hiring, hire for honesty, integrity and alignment, less on skillsets. Be patient, great companies take time to build, much more than you anticipate. Be very conscious of your capital spend.”

Client Story: Heart Behind Hustle

Client Story: Heart Behind Hustle

Company Name: Heart Behind Hustle®
Industry: Business Coaching & Consulting
Year Founded: 2015
Location: Novel Coworking Gaslamp, San Diego

How is your business innovating and providing something new?

“The coaching industry is relatively new but a lot has changed in the years it’s been popular. We’ve noticed that our specialty lies in supporting other coaches, experts, and service-based entrepreneurs in scaling their businesses by moving away from the “dollars for hours” model and into a scalable income model that creates a big impact. We do this by systemizing the private support these people usually provide their clients and moving into a “group program” model instead. 

There are a lot of experts out there talking about getting clients for private work, or selling e-courses. Personally, I find that only working with private clients becomes very limiting for a business that wants to actually reach multiple-six or 7 figures, AND selling e-courses is not a good next step for most people unless they already have a big audience or are willing to invest a lot in paid advertising.

We have perfected the predictable income model through group program offers and we’re the only company that specializes in this while supporting female entrepreneurs who want to show up as leaders and make a big impact with their business.”

What do you like most about working for your company?

“I love the fact that Heart Behind Hustle® is a blend of the passion, the heart, the vulnerability and the lifestyle along with the hustle of the business, the marketing, the numbers. It’s a great blend because I find that most people focus on either one OR the other, but they don’t really put the two together in an aligned way. 

Plus, I’m the founder so I get to create really epic content for our tribe and what’s not to love about that?”

What has been the biggest challenge in starting a business?

“The biggest challenge I think is usually the first year. While this is not my first business, I find that despite that, year 1 was challenging. Mostly because I wouldn’t ask for help, I thought I needed to figure everything out myself, and I was resistant to investing my growth. Really, I was just getting in my own way. And I think that’s the challenge for most entrepreneurs. They self-sabotage, they get in their own way, they let their ego cloud their reasoning and they struggle. Hiring mentors, investing in myself (even when it made no sense on paper) and truly committing – 110% – has been key.”

What has been the greatest reward in starting a business?

“Freedom! I’ve always said, I want to do whatever I want, with whomever I want, whenever I want. That’s freedom to me. Being able to have an online-based business, with a mostly virtual team, and clients who live all around the world, has been a true blessing. Some days I don’t do anything except hang out with friends, other days I put my head down and hustle to get stuff done. It’s a beautiful balance and I get to decide how it looks like. Plus, living in San Diego (and NYC before that) came as a result of having this business. I would have never been able to move here and have the lifestyle I have without it.”

What advice would you give someone who wants to start a business?

“You have to commit with your whole heart and soul to the process. Have patience, hustle, and bring your heart into it – people want to get to know you. We’re not in the age of faceless companies that no one knows anything about. People want transparency, they want to see you do your thing. So show them. And don’t be afraid of investing in yourself. When I began working with coaches and signing up for paid masterminds, that’s really when everything changed for me.”

Strive & Grind

Strive & Grind

Company Name: Strive & Grind
Industry: Branding
Year Founded: 2015
Location: Novel Coworking Gaslamp, San Diego

Tell the story of how your business was founded.

Strive & Grind was born out of the passion to help others STRIVE to achieve greatness, and GRIND to get there. We currently do this by helping entrepreneurs, influencers, and service based businesses create memorable, disruptive, and badass PREMIUM brands. We saw that there was a huge gap in the marketplace when it came to branding. A lot of entrepreneurs had crappy brands and didn’t know how to brand themselves or their businesses correctly. A lot of business owners also didn’t know what branding really was, and we wanted to educate the community on the power and importance of branding. We believe that without a brand, you’re a commodity. At the end of the day our goal is to help entrepreneurs truly thrive and not only create a successful business, but also a life of freedom.”

How is your business innovating and providing something new?

“We’re currently the only international branding and creative boutique that helps entrepreneurs create premium brands through one badass offering. This offering is what we call our Brand Slam. It’s our signature 7 step process that allows us to create and launch a premium brand in 45 business days. We realized that a lot of creative agencies offered a ton of different one-off services. In the beginning, we did the same, but realized if someone asked for a logo, we’d create a dope logo but the rest of their brand looked like crap. If someone wanted a website, their logo and photos were usually crap. And most of the time companies never had any brand strategy, which is key to a successful business. So we had to step back and figure out how we can really serve our clients in the best way possible, and that’s how the Brand Slam was born.”

When did you first feel successful?

“We moved to California in March of 2015 all the way from the east coast to grow our business and connect with the entrepreneurial hub that’s here in San Diego. At the time, we were bootstrapping our business working day jobs trying to make ends meet. We made the declaration to quit our day jobs and work full time on our business exactly a year from moving here. And on March 1, 2016, we both put our 2 weeks in at our day jobs! It was a day that always felt like a dream, and it finally became a reality!”

What has been the biggest challenge in starting a business?

“With any business comes many challenges, but a big one for us is finding and hiring the right team members. It’s a challenge finding quality creative talent that will stay for the long term. Especially when you’re a startup because you don’t have as many resources. As an entrepreneur you also feel like sometimes you’re the only one who can do everything, but we’ve learned that’s so far from the truth. So much time, energy, and resources goes into hiring one person. So navigating how to train, manage, and delegate employees has been an interesting learning experience.”

What advice would you give to startups?

“Be patient and consistent during the process. As long as you’re Striving & Grinding, you’ll keep moving up the ladder. Don’t be afraid to fail or face hard obstacles. It’s during those moments that we grow and excel the most.”